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Escrow Alliance protects business continuity by ensuring that business-critical software and knowledge always remain accessible, even in unforeseen circumstances such as supplier bankruptcy.

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It is important to ensure business continuity. An escrow arrangement gives peace of mind. Escrow Alliance is a specialised full-service escrow agent. As a trusted third party, we have been providing future-proof escrow solutions to a broad market since 2011.

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For software suppliers

Strengthen your customer relationships with an escrow arrangement at Escrow Alliance

As a software supplier, you know how important trust and reliability are for your customers’ satisfaction. With Escrow Alliance, you are standing strong. Escrow Alliance offers a full-service escrow solution that ensures the continuity and accessibility of your software, even in unforeseen situations. By offering this extra security, you distinguish yourself in the market, not only as a supplier but also as a reliable partner. Increase your competitive advantage and build lasting customer relationships with the reassurance and protection of Escrow Alliance.

For users

Protect core business with an escrow arrangement at Escrow Alliance

If you depend on mission-critical software, you no doubt understand the crucial importance of stability and continuity for your organisation. Escrow Alliance offers you the security you need. Clear escrow solutions guarantee access to essential source codes and data even if your software supplier goes out of business due to bankruptcy, business closure or other disruptive events. This ensures that business activities can continue unhindered, regardless of the circumstances. Trust Escrow Alliance to secure your business processes.

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