Escrow Alliance BV

If you choose Escrow Alliance as an escrow agent, you choose a team of independent specialists.

We combine our broad business experience at the intersection of ICT and business with in-depth knowledge of software and cloud developments.

Our customers are not only located in sectors such as production, services and banks. Also parties in healthcare and government found in Escrow Alliance an independent partner.


Ensuring the continuity of your business is undoubtedly our highest priority. Choosing Escrow Alliance gives you peace of mind: we provide future-proof continuity solutions.

Our goal is to help suppliers and software users with a clear escrow arrangement, based on demand and always in an efficient way.

As an innovative service provider, Escrow Alliance is also continuously developing new escrow arrangements. We carefully weigh the interests of both the supplier and the software user in balanced escrow arrangements.


Minimize the risk of loss of software, data or production environments. Our escrow arrangements enable software users to prevent interruptions or loss of software and insure the property of the supplier.

The agreements are laid down in a clear escrow agreement between Escrow Alliance, the software supplier and the software user. Escrow Alliance is therefore not only the supplier of the escrow arrangement, but also part of the escrow agreement.





Escrow Alliance ISO 9001 en ISO/IEC 27001 KIWA certificaten

say what you do

Do what you say,

And proof!

ISO certification

Escrow Alliance knows the importance of the escrow arrangement for its customers. That is why we use strict procedures for administration of the escrow agreements, verifications and the secure storage of deposited materials.

All these procedures are laid down in ISO 9001 and the security of the software, systems and storage are laid down in the ISO 27001 procedures with which Escrow Alliance works daily and is audited annually.

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Organization pro Software Escrow

OSE focuses on introducing and promoting escrow arrangements. The organization represents the interests of users and escrow agents of escrow arrangements in Europe. In addition, it supports related consulting organizations and attorneys dealing with escrow arrangements.

Areas of Focus

  • Raising awareness for the “protection of software and IT investments” for a functioning economy
  • Promote the interests of members and raise awareness of software escrow through presentations, public relations and marketing collaboration
  • Introducing standards to ensure member companies provide high-quality escrow services to their customers
  • Establishing legal frameworks and contributing to the realization of reliable legal certainty
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