Customized Escrow

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Flexible custom escrow from a professional agent

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Unique situation? Always certainty with a tailor-made escrow arrangement

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Customized escrow for the exceptions to the rule

What's custom escrow ?

Your situation may be unique. No problem. Our experts provide a sound, future-proof escrow arrangement.

If you’re reading this, your situation probably doesn’t fit. No problem! Contact our experts. Then we make a tailor-made escrow arrangement.

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Why custom escrow?

Due to a unique situation, you may need customization.

Thanks to the years of experience of our experts, we prevent surprises and set up a future-proof escrow arrangement. One you can build on.

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escrow agreement

Avoiding surprises

When is custom escrow?

When is an escrow arrangement a must? Here 2 examples.

Your collaboration has already been laid down in a main agreement and the escrow must match this.

You are using an existing escrow arrangement and want to use it.

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How does a customized escrow work?

We will discuss this on a case-by-case basis. What stays the same? Our independent role in protecting property and providing continuity, the duplication of secure storage of the depot and 24/7 online status insight via My Escrow.

Escrow expert?

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