Escrow for cloud platforms

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The complete scrow arrangement that never stops your company

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protect you total automation

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Avoid an automation house of cards in the cloud with the certainty of escrow

What is cloud escrow ?

Cloud escrow is the most complete escrow scheme that protects the entire automation chain.

We have individual and collective cloud escrow arrangements.

What is needed for this? It’s about everything: the source code, the program and the data. But also, for example, the infrastructure, ecosystems of relationships, underlying contracts and SLAs. Sometimes the production environment itself goes into the depot.

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Why Escrow for Cloud ?

SaaS or cloud software makes automation within your company very easy.

But that makes you very vulnerable if something happens to the supplier. Then you not only lose everything, your company literally comes to a standstill.

Cloud escrow is a complete escrow arrangement that allows you to proceed immediately in case of problems.

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Escrow Agreement

It’s about everything: source code, data, contracts and the hosting

When to Escrow for Cloud?

When is a cloud escrow arrangement now a must? Here 2 examples.

You use ERP cloud software from a new supplier for your digital transformation and want to make sure that your business never comes to a standstill.

As a supplier you want to focus on security to differentiate yourself from the competition.

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How does escrow work for cloud platforms?

Our arrangements consist of 4 parts: the agreement, verification, the deposit and the continuity statement.

First we determine the right agreement, a process that must be done with care as it is the legal basis of the whole arrangement.

After approval, our experts thoroughly verify the materials that go into the depot.

Is that over? Then the materials that go into the depot can be delivered.
That process, including data updates, is automated so that a platform is always available. An area in which we lead the way as an escrow agent.

We do this by making agreements and taking measures so that the application remains available. For example, we take over the hosting or transfer the hosting contracts to the user.

We have automated that process, including material updates, using virtual machines and container technologies, among other things. An area in which we lead the way as an escrow agent.

The material is stored dually at various Dutch locations – both online and offline. Dual means it never comes together. These locations are of course secured according to the strictest standards.

In the meantime, you will receive 24/7 online status insight via My Escrow. The deposit remains up-to-date: this is an active escrow arrangement in which it is regularly renewed. Something that is made easy by our smart automation.

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