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What is escrow for SaaS ?

SaaS escrow is especially for suppliers and users of SaaS or cloud software. The kind you usually open in your browser.

We have individual and collective SaaS escrow arrangements. As the name suggests, this concerns the entire package that belongs to an online package: the source code, the program and the data.

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Why escrow for SaaS ?

SaaS or cloud software has become the standard in B2B.

Most companies now have their software and company data somewhere in a data center. Does the supplier stop? Then you’ve lost everything.

SaaS escrow is an arrangement that protects the source code, the program and the data.

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When to Escrow for SaaS?

When is a SaaS escrow arrangement a must? Here 2 examples.

You are going to use cloud software from a new supplier and want to make sure that you can continue if the supplier goes under.

As a small supplier you will be supplying to a large company that has a strict purchasing or risk management policy.

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How does escrow work for SaaS?

Our arrangements consist of 3 parts: the agreement, verification and the deposit.

First we determine the right agreement, a process that must be done with care as it is the legal basis of the whole arrangement.

SaaS applications are continuously being developed, so the source code, application and data often have to be deposited.

After approval, our experts thoroughly verify the data that goes into the depot.

Is that over? Then measures will also be taken to keep the application available in the short term.

That process, including data updates, is automated so that a platform is always available. An area in which we lead the way as an escrow agent.

We do this by making agreements and taking measures so that the application remains available. For example, we take over the hosting or transfer the hosting contracts to the user.

The material is stored dually at various Dutch locations – both online and offline. Dual means it never comes together. These locations are of course secured according to the strictest standards.

In the meantime, you will receive 24/7 online status insight via My Escrow. The deposit remains up-to-date: this is an active escrow arrangement in which the data is regularly updated. Something that is made easy by our smart automation.

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