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The all-in-1 escrow arrangement for your mobile apps

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The safest guarantee for your mobile apps

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Protect your mobile apps with a solid escrow arrangement

What is escrow for mobile apps

Mobile app escrow protects custom mobile apps that you have developed for iOS or Android, for example.

We have individual and collective mobile apps escrow arrangements.

The source code, distribution and supporting platforms are included in the escrow arrangement.

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Why escrow for mobile apps ?

It’s nice if a supplier makes a custom mobile app for you. Then your employees can continue with their work on iOS and Android, for example.

However, you are dependent on the supplier for maintenance and further development. That’s the bad news. The good? The certainty of escrow for mobile apps.

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For any app that is mission critical

When to escrow for mobile apps?

When is a mobile apps escrow arrangement a must? Here 2 examples.

As a user, you have an iOS app developed and you want to be able to continue developing the app if the supplier disappears.

Your app development studio decides to focus on B2B. The USP that closest competitors are missing? An escrow arrangement!

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How does escrow work for mobile apps?

Our arrangements consist of 3 parts: the agreement, verification and the deposit.

First we determine the right agreement, a process that must be done with care as it is the legal basis of the whole arrangement.

After approval, our experts thoroughly verify the materials that go into the depot.

Is that over? Then the materials that go into the depot can be delivered.

We have automated that process, including material updates, using virtual machines and container technologies, among other things. An area in which we lead the way as an escrow agent.

The material is stored dually at various Dutch locations – both online and offline. Dual means it never comes together. These locations are of course secured according to the strictest standards.

In the meantime, you will receive 24/7 online status insight via My Escrow. The deposit remains up-to-date: this is an active escrow arrangement in which it is regularly renewed. Something that is made easy by our smart automation.

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