Escrow for source code

Escrow for source code is a continuity arrangement between the supplier and the user of a software application. Source code are the building blocks of an application. Source code contains instructions that a computer understands and follows to make the application work. Without the source code, you can no longer modify or maintain the application. So it is important to secure that source code.

Broncode Escrow

The source code is essential

The source code is written in a programming language such as Python, Java, C++ or JavaScript, for example. This allows the software developer to read, understand, modify and maintain the application. The user of the software application does not have the source code, as it remains the property of the software vendor.

What is escrow for source code?

A source code escrow arrangement is an arrangement between the software user(s) and the software supplier for the purpose of securing the source code. After all, without the source code, you can no longer modify or maintain the application.

  • The agreement establishes arrangements for the circumstances under which the source code will be made available to the user. Consider situations where the supplier can no longer fulfill (maintenance) agreements, such as bankruptcy.
  • These agreements define the cases in which the software user will have access to the source code and the rights to use that source code for their own business continuity.
  • It can also define how the software application will be retained, continued and maintained.

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