Escrow arrangement Flocaltec CCS

FLOCALTEC B.V. (FLOCALTEC) has set up this escrow arrangement with Escrow Alliance. This escrow arrangement ensures FLOCALTEC mitigates the risk of permanent loss of Flocaltec CCS. The people at FLOCALTEC have thought of your business continuity should something unexpected happen to FLOCALTEC.

Why an escrow arrangement?

IT plays a crucial role in today’s business operations. If you value business continuity The question is how to mitigate risks if a supplier fails to deliver due to bankruptcy, acquisition or simply ceases operations. What effect does this have on business continuity? And how do you ensure uninterrupted use of business-critical applications such as financial software, business process management software or document management software?

IT is an integral part of today’s business operations. But how are risks mitigated if the supplier disappears due to, for example, bankruptcy, acquisition or termination of the business? What effect does this have on business continuity? How does one guarantee the uninterrupted use of applications such as FlOCALTEC Calibration Centre Software (FLOCALTEC CCS)?

On the other hand, the intellectual property of the supplier must be protected and it is not desirable for “source material” and other knowledge to be in the possession of the end user. Ultimately, these are the supplier’s assets and require adequate protection, both legally and in the handling of these materials.

Escrow Alliance, with its arrangements, mitigates these operational IT risks by applying escrow management and makes the software user less dependent.

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