Escrow for technology

The waterproof guarantee

Protect your intellectual property and win customers

As a knowledge provider, you want to protect your recipe, formula or blueprint very well. But what if customer wants to protect themselves for the possible loss of you as a supplier? By offering an escrow arrangement, you accommodate the customer and protect your intellectual property.

You agree together that only for the sake of continuity limited viewing is possible without transfer of ownership.

Safe guarantee

escrow arrangementAlliance’s escrow arrangementwork with established procedures following the latest guidelines by vetted consultants. This makes everything traceable and much more secure than storage with service providers who have no experience with this.

Work with an escrow agent who is versed in technology.

We have been helping to protect the life’s work of intellectual property owners through escrow arrangementfor many years. On the other hand, we meet their customers with a professional guarantee.

We have been providing escrow arrangementto numerous vendors (and their customers and users) within the industry for many years. As an independent party, we have all the knowledge and experience to help you arrive at the right escrow arrangement.

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