Escrow for data

Flexible, professional and robust data escrow services are available as a smart rescue plan for cloud software users to protect them from unexpected data loss.

Overleg Escrow Regelingen

What is escrow for data

Data escrow is especially for suppliers and users of SaaS or cloud software. The kind of software that you usually open in your browser or via a mobile app.

We have individual and collective data escrow arrangements. As the name suggests, this only concerns the business-critical data that belongs to an online package.

Why escrow for data?

No business without data. Besides that, you have a legal obligation to retain a significant part of it.

Do you use cloud software? Then your company data is stored somewhere in a data center, just like the software itself. Does the supplier stop? Then your business-critical data immediately goes offline.

Data escrow is then the rescue plan that you can fall back on.

How does escrow work for data?

Our arrangements consist of 3 parts: the agreement, verification and the deposit.

First we determine the right agreement, a process that must be done with care as it is the legal basis of the whole arrangement.

Data often changes and must therefore be regularly re-stored.

After approval, our experts thoroughly verify the data that goes into the depot.

When is it over; Then the data that will be in the depot can be delivered.

We have automated that process, including data updates, with software developed for this purpose. An area in which we lead the way as an escrow agent.

The material is stored dually in different Dutch locations – both online and offline. Dual means it never comes together. These locations are of course secured according to the strictest standards.

In the meantime, you will receive 24/7 online status insight via My Escrow. The deposit remains up-to-date: this is an active escrow arrangement in which the data is regularly updated. Something that is made easy by our smart automation.