Escrow for government

An escrow agreement according to the letter of the law

ARBIT rules, we know all about it

As you know, the ARBIT, the General Government Conditions for IT Agreements, obliges government institutions that purchase software to agree an escrow arrangement with the supplier.We specialise in ARBIT and, where necessary, can remediate agreements drawn up under older ARBIT versions with a supplier.

ARBIT rules, we know all about it

Governments have to comply to many rules. In addition to ARBIT, there is also the AVG and the new BIO (Baseline Information Security Government).

We help protect sensitive data and those vital systems thanks to our secure delivery and storage methods and watertight arrangements.

Working with an escrow agent who knows the government

Government agencies have very specific rules and procedures that they must comply with.

We have been providing escrow arrangements to numerous government agencies and their software suppliers for many years.

As a result, we have a lot of in-house knowledge and experience to mediate between user and supplier and thus to arrive at the right escrow arrangement.