Escrow for logistics

The assurance that everything continues from a to b

Escrow as a declaration of continuity

Software vendors in logistics often face a hefty challenge in supporting different types of business software from supply chain partners to connect complex processes.

These complex processes should, of course, be safeguarded as part of an overall strategy around risk management. An escrow arrangement helps with this, so that everything keeps going from point A to point B.

Plan for each scenario

Traceability and delivery reliability are so important in logistics that literally nothing should get in the way of delivery.

Every scenario must be taken into account, the stakes and scale are often enormous: goods often have to come from far away, and customers count on deliveries arriving on time. With an escrow arrangement, customers are guaranteed continuity.

Working with an escrow agent who knows logistics

Logistics is a dynamic industry where tight control over complex processes is a must. That control is necessary to respond quickly to enormous challenges.

We have been providing escrow arrangements for numerous vendors (and their customers and users) within the industry for many years. As an independent party, we have all the knowledge and experience to help any supplier arrive at the right escrow arrangement.