Escrow for software companies

The watertight warranty of the source code of your software.

Overleg Escrow Regelingen

The security of a professional warranty

In recent years, we have seen how digitisation is an absolute must for businesses, governments and consumers.

Whether running an IT company with customisation specialists or a multinational corporation that has a successful software suite, protecting the source code is a must.

Still, some prospects will demand a safeguard for the sake of continuity or dependence. With an escrow arrangement, you meet them and protect your IP.

Working with an escrow agent who knows IT

We have been helping to protect software vendor applications through escrow arrangementfor many years. On the other hand, we meet their customers with a professional guarantee.

We have been providing escrow arrangements for numerous vendors (and their customers and users) within the industry for many years. As an independent party, we have all the knowledge and experience to help any supplier arrive at the right escrow arrangement.