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Questions about escrow itself?

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Can I switch to Escrow Alliance from my current escrow arrangement?

Ofcourse! We first check whether your arrangement still meets modern requirements for continuity. We advise on the next steps and, through customisation, ensure a smooth transition without interruptions.

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Do escrow arrangements remain valid for their entire term?

If you have a good escrow arrangement with a professional party, yes.

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Is software escrow only for source code?

No. For example, there are escrow arrangements for SaaS, data and cloud platforms.

What is the difference between technology and software escrow?

Software is about software and everything around it: data, source code and documentation. Technology escrow is about recipes, blueprints, formulas or even entire production plans.

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Does the delivery for - and maintenance of - the depot take a lot of time for the supplier?

No, although it depends on the supplier. For example, at modern software companies the export of source code or data is well organized. Otherwise they cannot do proper maintenance themselves.Contact us to discuss your situation

As a supplier to escrow, do I waive my intellectual property?

No. Think of it like a book. You buy it, read it, take it with you on holiday and put it on your bookshelf. You may not copy or republish the story itself (the source code). You may resell or give away the book. the book is yours after all. You are not allowed to print and sell the story yourself in a book.

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Can you increase liability?

Ofcourse. We will only charge an extra amount.

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Who pays the escrow agent?

This can be either the supplier or the user and depends on the arrangement you agree on.

Where can I change my personal information?

You can change personal or information about your company on My Escrow.

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Where can I view the status of my deposit?

Customers can view the status of their deposit on My Escrow.

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Do you also do financial escrow?

We only do software and technology escrow. Financial escrow is a completely different sport. Are you looking for a financial escrow agent? Then surf to for an overview.

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