File Transfer Protocol (FTP) settings

Escrow Alliance offers a number of file transfer methods chosen to serve a broad spectrum of users.

There is a hybrid approach that combines classic file transfer with modern security, a user-friendly Web-based option focused on convenience, and a high-security option ideal for experienced users.

Together, these methods provide flexibility and choice for different scenarios and users.

Option 1: FTP over TLS

Host name:

Protocol: FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

Login Type: Normal (Username/Password)

Port: 21

Setting: Explicit FTP over TLS

This option uses FTP with TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt the transmitted data. This is a secure option because the data is encrypted during transmission. It is similar to standard FTP, but with an added layer of security. The “Explicit” setting means that the FTP client must explicitly request that TLS security be used, rather than having it applied automatically.

Option 2: Web browser

Please note that for uploads up to a maximum of 1 GB

Website (URL):

Login Type: Normal (Username/Password)

This is a simple option for uploading files via a web browser. This is useful for less tech-savvy users or when you need to quickly upload a file without having to configure an FTP client. Please note that there is a file size limitation of 1 GB for this method.

Option 3: Secure FTP

Host name:

Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol).
Login Type: Username & Password (alternative: ssh key)

Port: 22

Note: If you want to use the ssh key option, generate the SSH key yourself (type: ed25519) and send the public key to our support email address.

This option uses SFTP, which stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol. This is a secure way to transfer files because it encrypts the data during transmission. It uses the SSH protocol to establish a secure connection. This option also allows you to use an ssh key for authentication, which is generally considered more secure than a password.

Escrow arrangement

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