Customized escrow

Under the ecrow schemes for source code, SaaS, software and technology, you can see what the schemes broadly entail. They may just not match your demand or the continuity issue may be so complex that customization is required. We will then advise you on the possibilities of a customized escrow solution.

Then we will carefully weigh the various options and advise you on the most pragmatic and best suited solution for your situation.

Maatwerk Escrow

What is a custom escrow?

Your situation may be unique. No problem. Our experts provide a sound, future-proof escrow arrangement.If you are reading this, your situation probably does not fit. No problem! Contact our experts. We make a tailor-made escrow arrangement.

Why a customized escrow?

Due to a unique situation, you may need customization.Thanks to the years of experience of our experts, we prevent surprises and set up a future-proof escrow arrangement. One you can build on.

When is there a not for a customized escrow?

When is an escrow arrangement a must? Here are two examples.

Your collaboration has already been laid down in a main agreement and the escrow must match this.

You are using an existing escrow arrangement and want to use it.

How does custom escrow work?

We will discuss this on a case-by-case basis. What stays the same? Our independent role in protecting property and providing continuity, the duplication of secure storage of the depot and 24/7 online status insight via My Escrow.

What is the most suitable solution
for your situation?

Find out about the possibilities, we are happy to think along with you.