Process from the first request until the deposit

Part of the escrow arrangement is the deposit of the material. The escrow agreement specifies the material involved. This page gives you additional information about the process of filing and the requests we send you to check for new material.

As part of the Escrow Alliance questions service, we send you an email 4 times a year (or more if you like) asking you to indicate if you will be submitting new material.

You can choose from three options below:

  • You will submit material and start the process of submission
  • At the time of the request there is no new material to provide, but you expect to do so within two months
  • There is no reason to provide new material

Escrow Deposit Form

The following information is requested when completing the EDF

  • Escrow agreement number (already filled in)
  • Product name (already filled in)
  • Version
  • Your company name (already filled in)
  • Method of delivery
  • Security & Compression: provides information on whether the materials have been compressed and whether encryption or a password has been applied.
  • Data deposit: provides information about the operating system, development language and development tool. Information is also requested as to whether (technical) documentation is provided and where it can be found within on relevant media.

What does Escrow Alliance do after delivery of materials?

After sending the EDF, you will receive the necessary information, if not already known, for the delivery of the materials based on your choice of delivery.

Upon receipt of the materials, Escrow Alliance performs a Technical Verification Service (TVS) Level 1 on the materials. After passing the TVS Level 1, the materials are duplicated, sealed in secure seal bags and stored in our vaults.

All parties receive a Verification Report or Verification Certificate of the TVS Level 1 performed. In addition, information regarding the deposit will be added to the This step completes the filing.

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