How is an escrow arrangement for technology established?

The supplier hands over the technology, under strict conditions, to us as an independent escrow agent. We manage this technology in a special and well-secured depot where no one can access it.

There are two basic variants of the arrangement, but because it often involves technology developed specifically and on demand, the individual escrow arrangement is the most common.

Overleg Escrow Regelingen

Individual escrow arrangement

Also sometimes referred to as tri-party or closed Escrow arrangement. It is an agreement between:

  • The owner of the knowledge (technology)
  • The customer (the user), or beneficiary
  • Escrow Alliance as an independent executor of the escrow arrangement

Collective escrow arrangement

Also sometimes referred to as two-party, cloak or open escrow arrangements. Multiple customers of the supplier then use the same technology. Then the agreement is made between the supplier and Escrow Alliance. Customers of the knowledge provider can be notified as beneficiaries on the prepared escrow arrangement.

You can also implement both variants of escrow arrangements in a distribution or reseller variant if the software was provided through a distributor or reseller.

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