Aclear escrow arrangement in 3 steps, our approach

Setting up an escrow arrangement requires specific attention. In this process, as much work as possible is taken off your hands. Throughout the process, an escrow consultant is at your side, with a team of people with legal and technical knowledge in the background. We clearly communicate the steps required to draft the agreement, perform verification on the material and make the deposit.

Step 1. Analysis

To offer a suitable escrow arrangement, the continuity needs are always discussed and an analysis is made based on extensive experience and numerous arrangements set up by Escrow Alliance in the past.

Step 2. Recommendation

Our escrow consultant formulates an appropriate escrow arrangement based on an analysis interview. The escrow consultant will prepare an agreement that meets all relevant criteria, including:

  • Legal correctness;
  • Technical feasibility;
  • In coordination with the specific needs and requirements of both the software user and the software vendor;
  • Clarity and understandability for all parties involved.

Step 3. Setting up & implementation

Once all parties have come to an agreement, we will then:

  • Prepare the necessary documents.
  • Setting up all technical aspects.
  • Provide access to a personal online environment, where you can always view status and related information.

After all parties involved have signed the escrow agreement, we activate the escrow arrangement and start implementation.

An transparant escrow arrangement through Escrow Alliance

Escrow Alliance stands for transparant, pragmatic escrow arrangements without time-consuming processes and unnecessary costs, with an accurate, clear, practical escrow arrangement for all parties.

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